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When communicating with APIs, it's common to repeat identical values across multiple requests. Manually typing the value each time can be cumbersome and also makes it difficult to modify in the future. Environment variables solve this problem by allowing you to define a value once, as an environment variable, and reference that value wherever it's needed.

Common variables are base URLs , authentication tokens , and resource IDs .

base URLs authentication tokens resource

Environment Basics

An environment is a JSON object containing key-value pairs of the data you want to reference. To manage these environments, the environment manager can be accessed through the environment dropdown menu at the top of the sidebar. From here, you can edit the base environment, create sub environments, assign colors, and more. Here's an example of what an environment might look like.

Variable names must only contain letters, numbers, and underscores

must only

Environment variables can be referenced in (almost) any text input within of the Insomnia application. There are two ways to do this:

Once a variable is selected, it will be displayed with a colored placeholder. Clicking on the button will show a modal dialog for further editing.

Tip! Hovering over the placeholder with your mouse will show the current value

A base environment is assigned to every workspace within Insomnia and can be accessed via the environment manager. Variables in the base environment are available throughout the entire workspace, even if other environments are defined. A common use for the base environment is to store default variables that will not change across production, staging, or development services such as resource names, languages, sample data, etc.

Sub environments are most commonly used for store variables related to production, staging, or development services. They are also sometimes used to defining variables for different users of a single app. Once sub environments exist, they can be via the environment dropdown.

Tip! Sub environments can be created as Private , meaning they will never be synced or exported.


Folder environments are a rarely used feature, but can be invaluable for specific use cases. You can access a folder's environment from the folder dropdown in the sidebar. Any variables defined at the folder-level will be available to all requests within that folder. These will also override any variables defined within a sub environment or base environment.

If two variables with the same name are defined in multiple environments, the environment with higher priority will win. Here is the priority of environment, ranging from highest to lowest:

Totally stumbled on this by accident. I don’t even know if it’s a “legal” way to remove weeds.

As someone on Facebook pointed out, it likely means that I’ve just spread a bunch of seeds everywhere that will germinate the crap out of my yard if I don’t work quickly, so just keep that in mind! LOL.

But I simply blasted the pressure washer over the weeds, removing the top layer and using my boot to slide the weeds off the path.

It left a bunch of mud! (Which I admit was fun to slosh around in! When’s the last time I did that?!)

But with the ground thoroughly drenched and blasted,I thought it was easier to remove them.

And Day #2 of “Weed Removal” was easy because the ground was still muddy. I could dig much easier.

It’s amazing what you find when you start clearing away weeds and earth!

I saw a fat little white spider, a bright yellow caterpillar, and some other interesting bugs I had never seen before!

I wish I had snapped pictures of them.

Usually, I hate bugs when they’re invading my space. But somehow, when I’m invading theirs, suddenly they come awesome. HA!

There was something fun the past couple of days digging the earth, seeing it transform right in front of my eyes.

With the radio blaring in the background, a trowel in my hand, and sweat on my brow, I was happy, as I often am when working on projects.

This is new territory for me–becoming one with the space around my home.

There are new rules to learn, new wonders to seek, new lessons to be learned.

And hopefully, new areas that my family will inhabit once it’s pretty! 🙂

Have you learned anything from getting your own hands dirty outside? Leave a comment below and let’s chat about it! 🙂

Thrift Diving inspires women to decorate, improve, and maintain their home themselves...using paint, power tools, and thrift stores! Use these 5 printables, checklists, and ebooks to get started!

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