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Melissa Garcia
Betrayal Trauma and abuse survivor, taking the key out of my back and finally living life on my terms

My husband agreed that it was my fault he had an affair with one of my best friends—and got her pregnant.

He reminded me a few days later (in case I’d changed my mind), “You did this. You destroyed our family.” But, I already knew that. I was sorry—truly sorry.

Through pitiful tears, I clung to him, begging for his forgiveness. “Please don’t leave me. I promise it won’t ever happen again. I will change.” What was the “it” I was referring to exactly? Everything and anything I had done in the past 11 years to make him “miserable” and to regret ever marrying me. Luckily, I didn’t have to remember what all my sins were. He had kept a detailed list on his phone.

He pulled it out and stated each offense and the reasons why it would be impossible for him to stay with me. “Our marriage was doomed from the start. In fact, knowing what I know about you now, I would have never even dated you 15 years ago. How can I stay married to someone I don’t even like?”

It made sense. I was a completely awful person to him, and he had been nothing but good to me. I didn’t deserve him. Yet, I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I promised that from this day forward I would be the wife he always wanted.

“It’s too late,” he responded flatly. “You’re an unhappy person, who makes everyone around you miserable. You will never change. I don’t forgive you. Just go live with your parents, since that’s what you’ve always wanted to do anyway.”

If only I had been patient, loving, kind, soft spoken.

If only I hadn’t left the window open while the air conditioning was on, or insisted on taking a nap every Sunday after church, or made beef chimichangas from a can.

If only I’d acted more like a playboy pinup instead of a tired and boring old housewife, who never wanted to be touched.

If only I had and I could have prevented my husband from abandoning me and pulverizing my heart.

I had been warned. My family had told me to be nicer to him. Our marriage therapist told me that I needed to be more open sexually, so he wouldn’t stray. My bishop told me to be more patient and not bother him with my petty problems. I didn’t listen, so I lost the love of my life—a good man, revered and loved by all.

I was the one who stood in the shadows, pitied and silenced.

My mind played tricks on me for years. The man who was my husband wasn’t the same person everyone else saw. To them, he was a saint. To me, he was a slimy slithering snake, waiting for me to make a mistake, so he could strike. When we were first married, I fought the emotional and verbal abuse. But over time, it started to break me down until there was no fight left. I started believing his lies. He was perfect, and I was the damaged one.

Any attempt to defend myself against his vicious attacks proved to be pointless. It was like pouring gasoline on a fire. He could go on for hours if provoked, reveling in his feeling of control and making me feel small and weak. It became a game in which he won every time. The more I tried to fight back, the meaner and more hostile he became. He would say things like

A year after my divorce and after intense therapy, I realized

The affair wasn’t devastating only because of the betrayal. It encompassed so much more. Because of the gas lighting I had endured for more than 11 years, I took the blame not only for the affair, but also the pregnancy, the porn addiction that lead to the cheating, and every other “sin” my husband committed in our marriage. He wasn’t the villain. I was. And that belief nearly killed me.

Luckily, I found a therapist Maurice Harker, from “ Womens Lipstik Black Penni Boots Black AUS 75 Lipstik Shoes RdhvCyf
,” who helped me to see that I was NOT to blame for the demise of my marriage AND how my husband treated me wasn’t normal. It was abuse. He also helped me reclaim my dignity and self-worth and showed me how to stand up and fight.

It’s now been 8 years since my divorce. My ex-husband hasn’t changed at all. He’s still up to the same old tricks. But, this time I’m not listening. I’ve muted him. He no longer has any power over me, and it feels really good.

Signs You Might Be A Victim of GasLighting

Emotional abuse isn’t always easy to detect, which makes it even more insidious and damaging to the victim. Here are some of the most common gas lighting tactics, which can be inflicted by a man or woman (adapted from Healthy Place ).


The abuser refuses to listen to what his or her partner is saying or share his or her emotions and pretends not to understand what is being expressed.



The abuser will question a victim’s memory of an incident and adamantly deny that it ever happened.


Blocking Diverting

The abuser tries to throw the victim off by changing the subject and questioning his or her motives and views instead of dealing with the issue at hand.


Forgetting Denial

This is another form of gas lighting where the abuser pretends to forget things that have actually happened—promises he or she made or things that occurred when he or she was present.


According to The National Domestic Hotline ,

There isHelp

If you think you are being gas lighted, visit The National Domestic Hotline , where advocates are ready to offer support.

I also recommend seeking help from Rey geometric embossed slides Jimmy Choo London HlDIpU6
if you are interested in group counseling and connecting with other women, who are also on the path to healing from betrayal trauma and emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

If you are not a victim of psychological abuse but know someone who is, please pass this article on. Many victims of gas lighting aren’t aware of what’s happening to them. Once their eyes are opened, they can start making the changes necessary for healing and regaining control over their lives.

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Is it possible to go a step further and construct a specific non-measurable set? It turns out the answer is “no”. A construction known as Sandals for Women On Sale in Outlet White Leather 2017 45 5 55 65 7 Dolce amp; Gabbana Leather White 4.5 5 5.5 6.5 7 Dolce & Gabbana gowvUmotXE
shows that out of the axioms of (Zermelo-Fraenkel) set theory, the only one that prevents Lebesgue measure from being defined for all sets of real numbers is the axiom of choice. To obtain a non-measurable set, you have to appeal to this axiom.

Solovay’s model

The reason I mention this is to make it clear that the class of measurable sets is very large indeed. To construct a non-measurable set you really have to go out of your way, and such sets are extremely unlikely to be encountered in applications of probability theory. Even the much smaller sigma-algebra of Borel sets is more than sufficient for most applications.

So, we’ve now seen what a sigma-algebra is and encountered a couple of major examples: the sigma-algebras of Borel and measurable sets. We’ve also seen why the sigma-algebra concept is necessary in the definition of a probability space. Although we might like to define probabilities for all subsets of the sample space, even in simple cases like the uniform distribution on , it turns out we cannot. The presence of the sigma-algebra in the definition makes it clear that the domain of the measure function has to be specfied, and places a couple of closure requirements that this domain must satisfy.

We’ve also seen that non-measurable sets can’t be constructed explicitly, and are extremely unlikely to be encountered in applications. It might seem, then, that sigma-algebras are just a bit of a pain, a necessary concession to mathematical rigour that we’d rather have done without. In the next part, I’ll talk about conditional expectation, particularly in the context of stochastic processes, and explain the concept of a filtration . In this setting the power of the sigma-algebra concept in its own right should hopefully become clear.

1. Actually, there are ways of defining uncountable sums of non-negative terms, but if even if you do this (and the definition you use has the usual properties expected of summation) it turns out that in order to have a finite sum all but a countable number of the terms must be zero. To see this, let be the set of termsgreater than for some positive integer . must clearly contain a finite number of terms, as otherwise the overall sum would be infinite (for any reasonable definition, the overall sum must be greater than the sum of any subset of the terms). Since any number greater than zero is greater than for some , the union of all the sets contains all the non-zero terms. However, this is the union of a countable collection of finite sets, and is therefore itself countable. (Incidentally, the order of terms in this argument doesn’t matter because any convergent sequences involved converge absolutely .) 2. In this article, I use the set of closed intervals (i.e. numbers between and inclusive ) as a starting point. It doesn’t actually matter which intervals you start with: As long as you choose all intervals of a particular type (open, closed, half-open on one side or half-open on the other),you end up with the same generated sigma-algebra and the same (Lebesgue) measure. 3. The naming here seems to vary. This measure is distinct from Lebesgue measure defined on the larger sigma-algebra of measurable sets , defined in the next section, because the domain of a function is part of its definition. Some sources (eg. the Wikipedia article on Borel measure ) refer to the measure we just defined as “ The Borel Measure” (see the wiki link for why “The” is italicised). In this article, I’m using the naming in Probability Measure by Patrick Billingsley, which refers to both functions as “Lebesgue measure”. 4. I’m glossing over the differences between the case we have been looking at, which is restricted to the interval , and what happens when you consider all real numbers. The “proper” definitions of Borel sets and Lebesgue measure are not restricted to . However, my aim here is to talk about sigma-algebras in probability theory, not measure theory in general, and Lebesgue measure without this restriction isn’t a probability measure because the Lebesgue measure of the whole set of real numbers isn’t 1. Worse, whereas probability measures are always finite, Lebesgue measure without the restriction to is only sigma-finite . It doesn’t seem worth getting bogged down in such matters here.

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